Monday, April 27, 2009

Departing for MaeHongSon

Sorry for my infrequent writing.

Tomorrow we leave for another field course in Mae Hong Son- northwest Thailand (bordering Burma). The purpose of this trip is to learn from the Hilltribes (specifically the Karen tribes) about the Forest.

How do the Karen live as farmers and maintain the forest? How can humans be in relationship with nature? Why is major deforestation happening? Why are the establishment of national parks destructive to the Karen way of life? How do the Karen view nature, and how is that different from how Americans view nature?

Again we will be looking at how human rights and environmental rights are the same thing, again we will be living with many generous host families, again we will be close with nature by hiking though the woods from village to village.
I'll write again in a few weeks

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  1. you're trip, honestly, sounds so amazing!

    im SOOO jealous. it sounds blissful. i wish i could have gone on a trip like that, and you are always writing about such complex subjects yet their so simple. i dont know, it just really makes me think and really want to talk about it with you and really want to change and really want to do something.